Who Are We?

Our business started in the 1960s making vulcanized rubber shoes in Cebu City, Philippines.

At the beginning, we made basic sneakers for the wholesalers and for other footwear companies. As years go by...

People wanted more than just our basic shoe; they wanted fashion expressions, shoes with more sophisticated designs that can be bought at their local stores.

Organization wanted shoes for their own use. One that can give them the quality they needed.

Consumers wanted to be able to identify our shoes and buy it directly from us.

Ta Yew Manufacturing Corporation was formed on 1997. And the brand "VIPER" also came about to help the consumers identify us.

With the current influx of imported low quality shoes, we have to adopt to a different marketing strategy.

Hence, this 2016, Ta Yew Manufacturing Corporation will be changed to VIPERFOOTWEAR CORP., with new marketing ideas while maintaining our quality.

Our clients are made of different organizations like.

Our motto is to provide services, quality and pride to our customers.

Our shoe expressions can be found at most of your favorite department stores nation wide.